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2019 Partners Ladder
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Membership cost $5 
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The 2019 Partners Ladder will begin on April 15th and end on October 15th. This year we will be seeking the top men’s team, top women’s team, and top mixed team.   To avoid potential conflicts, each player may sign up for no more than 2 teams, a same sex team and a mixed team.  Teams may challenge any other team in order to gain a higher spot on the ladder. 


Teams who wish to stay together and retain their current position, please advise me no later than April 7th.  New teams should sign up as early as possible, as you will be listed in order of sign-up date.  Participation is $5 per player. Sign up for ladder now  Prizes and recognition will be provided for the top teams. 


For new team sign up, provide your team name, team members, and point of contact (email address and phone number).  Contact me via email at for full details, challenge rules, and a listing of the current ladder. 


Judi Schmidt

(540) 373 3971

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