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SFS 2020 Ladders

Ladders resume on July 8th.


Doubles Challenge Ladder
(sign up with a partner)

Membership cost $10/team

The 2020 Partners Ladder will begin on WED, JUL 8 through mid-October. We will be recognizing and awarding prizes to the top men’s, mixed, and 55+ team. To avoid potential conflicts, each player may sign up for no more than 2 teams, a same sex team and a mixed team.  Teams may challenge teams above them in order to gain a higher spot on the ladder. Teams may decline challenges or use substitutions without losing their spot on the ladder while any player has symptoms of illness.

New teams should sign up as early as possible, as the initial ladder ranking will be listed in order of sign-up date. Participation is $10 per team.

For new team sign up, provide your team name, team members, and point of contact (email address and phone number). Contact via email at for full details, challenge rules, and a listing of the current ladder.

Daniel McNally

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Skills Ladder
Individual Competitive Play 
(while playing doubles at your own skill level)


July 8 - Sept 9, 2020

Summer Skills Ladder League will start WED, JUL 8 and run for 12 weeks to WED, SEP 29. The objective will be to provide competitive matches against opponents of like skill. In the past, the player with the most points moved up a team and the player with the least moved down a team. This season teams will be organized by your ranking. If you have a USAPA ranking, then you know your ranking. If you were in the skills ladder last year, a ranking was sent out to you in the last set of results. If you do not have a ranking, the SFS board will assign you one.  

The summer league will run weekly. Though in previous seasons, weekly matches did create scheduling problems which resulted in disgruntled players moving down a team.  This often resulted in higher skilled players playing with lower skilled players, especially when a player was moved down two weeks in a row.  The rankings will avoid this problem. If you can not make play during a week, you will not be penalized; your ranking will not change and you will continue to play with like skilled players.  Your ranking will be a number that will approximate the USAPA ratings. You can see their skill rating definitions for further info. The more you play, the more reliable your ranking becomes. It will increase or decrease over time as more matches are played. 

Teams can use the Dura 40, Onix Fuse Generation 2, or Franklin ball and appropriately the indoor or outdoor ball.

For those that haven’t played in the skills ladder before, weekly matches are sent out TUES night with the teams of 4. Each player is responsible for quickly letting the other 3 teammates know their availability and getting a consensus on date/time/place for a match. Typically, Kenmore is used since it’s central to most players but it is not required nor is an outdoor venue required. You play 3 games one with each of the other players; play to 11 and win by 2. Scores from all three games are recorded.  If you are interested in tournament play, the skills ladder can help you prepare. A different mindset is required than that in open play.

You must be a member to sign up. The cost of the ladder is $5.  If you are an Non-Member sign up and pay $10 and you will automatically become a SFS Member!

If you have any questions please contact:

Coordinator: Donna Oliver
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Final - As of Oct 15, 2019

1. Drop It Like It’s Hot - Brenda Walton and Joshua Hefner

2. Dink Till You Stink - Dan and Emily McNally

3. Double D – Doug Walton and Daniel McNally

4. Feeling Dangerous - Kirk Walter and Kevin Norman

5. Pickilicious - Melissa Hopkins and Terry Mitchell

6. Paddle Whackers – Robyn Cobb and Donna Oliver

7. Paddleballers - Joe and Kim Gudyka

8. Spicy Dills - Donna and Clay Oliver

9. Pickled Dinkers  - Melissa Hopkins and Scott Walker

10. Legs – Gerry Whitcomb and Aaron Rayford

11. Sweet Gherkins – Maki Lanham and Cristine Lynch

12. Dynamic Duo - Robyn Cobb and Stan Minniefield

13. Captain and Coco - Kirk Walter and Michelle Ray

14. New York, New York - Mickey Pepkin and Terry Reich

15. Second Chance - Dan Riccio and Bill McSpadden

16. Grasshoppers - Gail Raddatz and Lorraine Walton

17. Wazbraith – Susan Galbraith and Jack Wassink

18. Terrible Two - Jennifer Spratley and Pat Hood

19. Dos Servezas Por Favor - Stanley Minniefield and Joshua Hefner

20. Backhanded Compliments – Joe Bruzgul and Monica Paolicelli

21. Nighthawks - Regan and Steve Halkyard

22. Responsible Dinkers – Paul and Tracy Jacobson

* Failed to play within 30 days




FINAL - As of Oct 15, 2019


Group Player
 McNally, Daniel
Schmidt, Frank
Oliver, Clay
Spratley, Jenn
McSpadden, Bill
Cobb, Robyn
Ray, Michelle
Oliver, Donna 
Jacobson, Paul
Gudyka, Joe
Mitchell, Stu
Whitcomb, Gerry 
4 Bielec, Trish
Raddatz, Gail
Ruth, Ken
Palmer, Kim 
5 McNally, Emily
Richards, David
Walton, Lorraine
Sebastyn, Mike 
6 Worsham, Mike
Clegg, Tammy
Pope, Joan
Schmidt, Judi (perm sub) 


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