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SFS 2019 Ladders

It's not too late. Sign up for Ladders throughout the season!


Doubles Challenge Ladder
(sign up with a partner)

Membership cost $5 
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The 2019 Partners Ladder will begin on April 15th and end on October 15th. This year we will be seeking the top men’s team, top women’s team, and top mixed team.   To avoid potential conflicts, each player may sign up for no more than 2 teams, a same sex team and a mixed team.  Teams may challenge any other team in order to gain a higher spot on the ladder. 

New teams should sign up as early as possible, as you will be listed in order of sign-up date.  Participation is $5 per player. 
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Prizes and recognition will be provided for the top teams. 

For new team sign up, provide your team name, team members, and point of contact (email address and phone number).  Contact me via email at for full details, challenge rules, and a listing of the current ladder. 

Judi Schmidt

(540) 373 3971

Skills Ladder
Individual Competitive Play 
(while playing doubles at your own skill level)

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April 15 - October 1, 2019

This ladder is designed for those who like competition, no matter your skill level!  

Want to practice to bring your game up to the next level?  Meet other players at your level?  This is the ladder for you! 

Weekly/bi-weekly matches will be assigned to 4 players of similar skill level. A match of three games to 11 points will be played round-robin style. Each player's points will be totaled. The top scorer moves up a group and the lowest scorer moves down a group. Matches will be held outdoors in Stafford County, City of Fredericksburg or Spotsylvania County.

You must be a member to sign up. The cost of the ladder will be $5.  If you are an Non-Member sign up and pay $10 and you will automatically become a SFS Member!

If you have any questions please contact:

Coordinator: Donna Oliver


As of July 13

1. Drop It Like It’s Hot - Brenda Walton and Joshua Hefner

2. Dink Till You Stink - Dan and Emily McNally

3. Feeling Dangerous - Kirk Walter and Kevin Norman

4. Paddle Whackers – Robyn Cobb and Donna Oliver

5. Paddleballers - Joe and Kim Gudyka

6. Pickled Dinkers - Melissa Hopkins and Scott Walker

7. Spicy Dills - Donna and Clay Oliver

8. Pickilicious - Melissa Hopkins and Terry Mitchell

9. Captain and Coco - Kirk Walter and Michelle Ray

10. Terrible Two - Jennifer Spratley and Pat Hood

11. Serves You Right - Doug Walton and Joe Bruzgul

12. New York, New York - Mickey Pepkin and Terry Reich

13. Dancrist - Cristine Lynch and Dan Pantaleo

14. Second Chance - Dan Riccio and Bill McSpadden

15. Legs – Gerry Whitcomb and Aaron Rayford

16. Dynamic Duo - Robyn Cobb and Stan Minniefield

17. Dos Servezas Por Favor - Stanley Minniefield and Joshua Hefner

18. Grasshoppers - Gail Raddatz and Lorraine Walton

19. Backhanded Compliments – Joe Bruzgul and Monica Paolicelli

20. Wazbraith – Susan Galbraith and Jack Wassink

21. Nighthawks - Regan and Steve Halkyard

22. Responsible Dinkers – Paul and Tracy Jacobson

23. Baby Dills – Maki Lanham and Gail Willsie


* Failed to play within 30 days




As of July 23rd


Group Player


 McNally, Daniel
Schmidt, Frank
Oliver, Clay
Cobb, Robyn
2 Spratley, Jenn
Mitchell, Stu
Bielec, Trish
Gudyka, Joe 
3 McSpadden, Bill
Jacobson, Paul
Ray, Michelle
Whitcomb, Gerry 
Oliver, Donna
Raddatz, Gail
Walton, Lorraine
Palmer, Kim 
Ruth, Ken
Sebastyn, Mike
Clegg, Tammy
McNally, Emily 
 Richards, David
Worsham, Mike
Pope, Joan
Schmidt, Judi (perm sub)


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