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Woodbridge Ladder

We still have room for more but you need to sign up fast. For those of you that would like to play as subs please be sure to

To Register your spot, contact Veterans Memorial Park and let them know you want to join. Please reference the course number below:

PB Ladder League, Course #200802-ZA. 

Here's how it works: 

1. The format of play will enable players to compete with others of similar skill level. 

2. Advanced, intermediate and novice players welcome.

3.  Ladder Match consists of 3 games. Each game the players switch and play with a different partner.

4. At the end of each game, each individual player's score is recorded on the score sheet provided for your group. 

5 Every week the player with the highest score will move up to the next group, and the one with the lowest will move down one group. The other two players will stay. 

6. You are responsible for finding a sub (of similar skill level ) or letting us know when you need one. 

7. Subs play for free.

8. Your sub's score cannot move you up the ladder but can move you down if they have the lowest score.

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