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Venues Are Closed Due to Pandemic
This site is not being updated until Virginia
relaxes it's activity restrictions.

If you know of any additional info please advise. or post on our Facebook page. 

Ladders Leagues Are Back - Beginning in April

Team Doubles
Skills Ladder
The doubles team challenge ladder will resume April 11th. Returning teams who wish to stay together and retain their position must respond no later than April 1st to Judi Schmidt, Ladder Manager. New teams will start at the bottom in order of sign-up. The ladder will run through mid-Oct. You can join the ladder at any time, starting at the bottom.

More details on the Ladders tab.
 The 2020 skill ladder will be starting sometime in APRIL and will end mid-OCT.

The purpose of the ladder is to have competitive play with like-skilled players. Matches are set up with 4 players to a team every two weeks in a round robin format. Three games are played; each with a different player. The player with the top score moves up a team and the person with the lowest score moves down a team.

More details on the Ladders tab.

Reminder:  SFS is looking for nominations to serve on the Board of Directors

You can self-nominate or nominate someone else.  We will follow up with the nominees to confirm their interest.  Email President Noel Lowery ( and Secretary Mike Curry ( March 25, 2020 with the nomination.

SFS had grown significantly, but it is time to bring in some new thinkers, doers, and leaders.  Local USAPA Ambassadors will be continuing advisors to the BOD and former BOD members will be provide continuation support where needed.   We want to see Pickleball continue to grow in our area with more opportunities to learn, compete, and play.  

The new BOD will select the club President, VPs, Secretary, and Treasurer from their own ranks.  Elections scheduled to be completed by April 25th.

SFS Articles of Incorporation
SFS Club Bylaws


Indoor Play

8-10         Rosner YMCA
9-12:30 AJ

9-11:30 Marshall HiI+
11:30-2 Marshall 

12-3   CCC
12-3          Rowser

12:30-3 Massad YMCA
2-4:30 Caroline YMCA
6-9 St Michael's

9-11:30 Marshall HiI+
11:30-2     Marshall 

6-9           Marshall 


9-12 Caroline YMCA

9-11:30 Marshall HiI+
11:30-2     Marshall 
9:30-12:30 AJ

12-3 CCC
12-3          Rowser
1-3 Rosner YMCA


8-10 Rosner YMCA
9-12 Marshall

Massad YMCA

1-4 Caroline YMCA


9-12 Marshall
10-1 Caroline YMCA

12-3 CCC
12-3          Rowser
1-3 Rosner YMCA

1-4 AJ


9-12 St Michael's

1-3    King George YMCA
3-6   Marshall

Stafford County, FredericksburgSpotsylvania CountyCaroline County, Prince William County
HiI+ = High intermediate/Advanced play

Addresses for venues can be found under the 'Pickleball In Our Area' tab.

Please advise of any additions or corrections to

Memorial (Kenmore) Park
During nice weather you can generally find someone playing at Kenmore Park, Fredericksburg.

See SFS Pickleball Group on Facebook for play times at Kenmore.

Upcoming Open Play & Events

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

For the latest news, changes, tournament results, etc., scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the Facebook logo!

Are you a GRANT writer?
Or know someone who is?
SFS Pickleball Club, a non-profit organization, is looking to expand pickleball in our area.
If you can help, contact us!

The SFS is run by a volunteer crew, and as we grow we are looking for some help. Here is what we have available.

Interclub coordinator:
Set up matches with other clubs
Tournaments directors and assistants:
Help manage club tournaments 2-3x/year
NewsLetter editor: 
Create a newsletter. Articles will be set to you and you put them into the formats.
Membership greeter:
Welcome new members by email and serve as an initial point of contact.
Parks and Rec coordinators:
Coordinate with local Park & Rec personnel to promote pickleball in the area.
Grant Writer: Apply for available grants to expand reach of pickleball in our area.

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