Skills Ladder

Registration for the 2021 Skills Ladder is under way and the season is slated to begin Wednesday April 7th. The objective is to provide competitive matches against opponents of like skill.

The Skills Ladder will run weekly. Though in previous seasons, weekly matches did create scheduling problems which resulted in disgruntled players moving down a team.  This often resulted in higher skilled players playing with lower skilled players, especially when a player was moved down two weeks in a row.  The rankings will avoid this problem. If you can not make play during a week, you will not be penalized; your ranking will not change and you will continue to play with like skilled players.  Your ranking will be a number that will approximate the USAPA ratings. You can see their skill rating definitions for further info. The more you play, the more reliable your ranking becomes. It will increase or decrease over time as more matches are played.

Weekly matches are sent out TUES night with the teams of 4. Each player is responsible for quickly letting the other 3 teammates know their availability and getting a consensus on date/time/place for a match. Typically, Kenmore is used since it’s central to most players but it is not required nor is an outdoor venue required. You play 3 games one with each of the other players; play to 11 and win by 2. Scores from all three games are recorded. If you are interested in tournament play, the skills ladder can help you prepare. A different mindset is required than that in open play.

Coordinator: Donna Oliver

Click Here for information on how to register for the Skills Ladder.

Previous Seasons


Click here for week-by-week standings and results.

Group 1
Daniel McNally
Brian Hasty
Robyn Cobb
Frank Schmidt
Group 2
Clay Oliver
Stu Mitchell
Joe Gudyka
Donna Oliver
Group 3
Greg Fox
Gerry Whitcomb
Jenn Spratley
Michelle Ray
Group 4
Kim Palmer
Gail Raddatz
Matt Kline
Maki Lanham
Group 5
Leland Rupp
Carl Sword
Bill Wolchak
Charlie Rigdon
Group 6
Brendon Crawley
Vicki Liedel
Tammy Clegg
Carey Sims