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Here are a few reasons to join the SFS Pickleball Club:

  • Show your support for local pickleball! A large member base helps us advocate for and grow the sport of pickleball in our area.
  • Participate in local organized competition such as ladder leagues.
  • Browse our member directory and connect with other local players.
  • Advertise or find pickleball lessons and equipment.
  • Borrow club portable nets and other equipment.

Membership dues go towards maintaining our website, nets and other equipment, organizing tournaments, prizes, public relations, end of the year party, and other events and unforeseen costs.

If you are a new member or renewing an expired membership, you can pay dues below. If you are already an active member, you can sign up below to gain access to the member section of this website.

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One Year Membership: $7

Three Year Membership: $18