Kelly Rapkins


I came to Kenmore to try out Pickleball during the Covid lockdowns in March 2021. I live near Kenmore and had been driving by admiring the number of players for over two years before I finally worked up the nerve to give it a try.  I come from a tennis background so it was easy for me to fall in love with Pickleball.  I play at least 4 days a week and am known around the courts for several things:  (1) the number of paddles I use; (2) the fact that I switch paddles in the middle of a game (it’s always the paddle’s fault, right?); (3) the backpack I carry on to the courts like a turtle shell; (4) the Motown music I play on my speaker; (5) and finally, the collapsible wagon I use to carry all of the above. There are lots of characters at Kenmore, and I encourage you to come out and laugh and enjoy open play with us at Kenmore, seven days a week!